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Guys look for any flaw they can in A$AP Rocky because girls love him so much, but they can’t find any so they make fun of his style or his hair…


  • he’s still handsome
  • he’s still got bitches
  • he’s still talented
  • and you’re still mad

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Anonymous asked: Hye , u look gorgeous btw .

Thank Youuuuu[:

Anonymous asked: how big are your boobs?

Big enough

kibbyk-deactivated20120922 asked: Wicked blog! I would appreciate a follow back.

Thanks:p *follows u*

Anonymous asked: Are you interested in girls at all? Bi/les/straight?:)

Yes. Yes I am :)

People miles away: omfg you're so cute how are you single
People around me: omfg i didn't know potatoes walked
aw i just died.